Sheet metal design and drawing

Math data

Modular design of product math data, analysis of product design principle and method. In order to provide reliable support for quality control of product production process, a top -down design method is adopted to modularize the inspection tools of products and components.

Simulation Analysis and Strip Layout

In order to ensure the shape of the shell parts when bending and reduce the design cost of the die, through the analysis of stamping process, comparing different process schemes, selecting the best scheme, improving the production efficiency of the shell stamping parts and ensuring the product quality

Our mechanical engineers design software in CAD-CAM SOFTWARES, Unigraphics NX. 6.0, Catia-V.5R.19, Visi-R.19, Auto CAD-V.2004, Auto Form-V.4.4.R.2, Dyna Form-V.5.6, Master CAM-V.9.1 and Translation Capability in CATIA, UNIGRAPHICS, IGES, STEP, DWG.

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