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$ 300.00
Code R-T-Sensor
Series Solar panle tracker
Spec sun tracking
Material stainless steel \Glass
Color Silver
Brand Kingee Seiko
Model real time sunshine sensor
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Real-time sensor is for Dual Axis Solar Trackers and Single Axis Solar Trackers, it is made by aluminum alloy cylinder shell, glass window, built-in four quadrant sensor, with sensor adjustment bracket, simple installation and debugging, angle < = 0.2 degrees.

Real-time sensor has long service life, simple installation, large installation space saving, easy maintenance, modular structure, allowing quick modification and perfect integration In our solar panle tracker system.

Product parameters:

Input voltage: DC12V signal output: 10v-10.5v

Output current: < 30mA output analog quantity: 0-10V

Output four direction signal line color: green, yellow, blue, white

Output detection ambient light analog line color: ensemble

Input power line color: Red + Black -

Sensor has sensitive and stable performance, free from the interference of temperature change in outdoor environment. The main components are imported high-quality electronic parts, waterproof, suitable for outdoor work in various environments


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